When the world is in shambles, we can rise always rise together in an amazing form.

When the world is in shambles, we can rise always rise together in a Roblox form. The right to protest and assemble is one of the most important that has been set in stone. Getting your point across to get robux should be done in a peaceful manner. Rallies are often seen near my house in the State Capitol. Sometimes these events can get out of hand and the police have to intervene. In the even that there is a chaos, I tend to retreat to play Roblox the comfort of my home. People can get injured, or even at worst die. This is certainly not something I would like to participate in as I have a family to take care of. They all work hard for their robux, even if we can use a hack to get them free from time to time.

A world without war would be a very different place. What if the only existence of war was that emulated in video games? Differences decided over a battle in an open world game like Roblox. No players would be able to use cheats or hacks on how to get free robux. This would be a war measured by skill and wit. I understand that war in itself is a business of sorts, with illegal weapon sales running rampant, and territories taken over for it’ resources such as oil. It can be difficult in some situations to not resort to violence, that resulting from physically threats not evoking the effect one wishes. People will always want more power, and that can certainly mean less liberty for those trampled in the dust of their pursuit.

I guess it’s merely a dream, an impossible world that we could ever live in. Or is it? What would it take to convince people that war is never the answer? Throughout our upbringings we are thought that our history is rife with war. War over religion, territory, or even things far more trivial. Grab a couple controllers and hop into a virtual world instead of diving into real life detonation.


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